The skills of choose and buy men’s watches

Introduces the men watch brand, men’s watch list 5 strong, men watch recommendation, many people will ask, what is man watches the choose and buy of skills? Usually people to watch the voice of the walking to judge the stand or fall of watches, there is no scientific basis, the quality of the watch is mainly determined by the precision of the actual travel time. The following summary for everyone some men watch the choose and buy of skills:
First, consider to choose the types of men’s watch: machinery, electronics, quartz. Mechanical watches a long service life, mature technology, but will have the error, the error of a day for 5 ~ 15 seconds; Powerful electronic watch, more on time, but one or two years need to replace batteries; Quartz watch time accurate, can make thin, movement of life in general is 5 ~ 10 years.
Second, the material of watch. Men’s watch main material of pure gold, gold plated, alloy, stainless steel, titanium, rubber, ceramic, etc., of pure gold price is very expensive; Gold-plated easy to wear; Stainless steel, titanium, alloy price moderate; Rubber affordable modelling diversity; Ceramic affordable design is beautiful.
Third, the sensitivity of the watch: mainly pay attention to put the needle automatically the flexibility of the pendulum. Will not be a wind-up watch stopped walking gently shaking, pay attention to the second hand move, if the second hand soon stopped walking, shows high sensitivity.
The choose and buy of men’s watch skills include: pay attention to watch the after-sales service, pay attention to the appearance of the watch, watch the starting performance of precision walking, watch dial needle, watches, etc.

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The history of the watches

The history of the first world war broke out in 1914, the military to realize the importance of “no portable” wrist , that inspired the aspirations of ordinary people rivals wearing a wrist watch. In 1926, invented the first piece of bent on their own , since 1960, the traditional round table sample is universally accepted. Switzerland for further improvement of wrist watch, is to put a pocket watch with the timing, calendar, the tourbillon and automatic clockwork to miniaturization, and installed on the wrist. In 1952 the United States, France and Switzerland all produce a digital watch. In 1967, the typhoon, the electronic clock center developed the first piece of quartz wrist watch, and in different brand name, Switzerland, in 1970 began to mass production. Since then, the new technology began to rapid development.
Watch main categories: 1, mechanical watch, electronic watch 3, 2, transistor escapements, quartz table 5, table 4 light table 6 watches, electronic paper

Longines watches, what are the series? Which series more classic?

Longines (Longines) in 1832 founded Imier in Switzerland, has over 175 years of history and craftsmanship, but also has a prominent tradition and excellence of experience in the field of sports timing. The winged hourglass as a symbol of elegant Longines known to the world, as the world’s leading watch manufacturer Swatch Group’s well-known brand, Longines has been around more than 130 countries around the world. Longines glorious achievements and lofty aspirations, to share with people around the world the brand’s values: “elegant attitude, really my personality.”

Longines Collection (Evidenza) Series
Longines Collection (Evidenza) series watch design inspiration from a 1925 watch, its elegant tonneau shaped case design dating back to the 1911 Longines an antique table. Followed by the watchmaker who continue to study improvement, with stylish appearance and advanced features, and then evolved into a modern new collection of Longines watches.

Longines Ka Lan (La Grande) Series

Longines Ka Lan (La Grande) series cast early Longines design and style of traditional soul, still retains a lot of the original appearance and proportions of Longines. Changing customer expectations continue to progress in science and technology, prompting further updates Longines Ka Lan series of design, not only the introduction of a larger case size models, while also providing more fine selection dial. However, the Grande Classique de Longines case modeling and remains slim and stylish. The same has not changed, there is given immortal charm of this classic series elegance.

Longines heart month (PrimaLuna) Series

Longines heart month (PrimaLuna) Series watch case material selection of stainless steel bright, bright rose gold or gold, or rose gold and stainless steel of the match into a goldsmith; then lined steel, gold, steel inter rose gold chain belt or leather strap, perfect. Surface is chosen white, silver or mother of pearl, lined hour markers, Arabic numerals, Roman numerals, or inlaid with flashing diamonds; and three pointers were blue, gold or rose gold, moving slowly on the surface, to convey time is running out. Longines watch with heart month series of four different diameters styles to match the diverse needs of the modern lady.

Longines Conquest (Conquest) Series

Longines Conquest (Conquest) series embodies the essence of elegant sports watch Longines paragraph. The unique beauty of the bezel, the cabochon crown and the links are made of ceramic material, this special exquisite materials and innovative technologies will be long-lasting charm perfectly into one. Longines Conquest Series crafted from stainless steel and ceramic made, perfectly embodies the fusion of powerful elegance. Its superior technical features to meet the most demanding requirements of sports persons. Whether it is on the most fashionable night party, or noble or 爱思科 Royal Melbourne Cup horse racetrack grandstand event, this solemn and yet elegant watches are definitely exudes remarkable style.

Longines DolceVita (Dolce Vita) Series


Omega: a century of technical excellence leading fashion

Omega coaxial movement bi-directional automatic winding movement chronometer certification jewel bearings: 39 Frequency: 25’200 A / h (3.5 Hz) energy storage: 60 hours unique features: Omega free sprung balance wheel to quickly adjust the time features luxurious decor features: 18K red gold / white rhodium-plated automatic [more]
The time of transfer, change the years, creating a legend of a watch brand. Swiss watchmaker Louis Brandt, Omega was founded in 1848 after a century of accumulation, has by virtue of its advanced technology and exquisite art of watchmaking, firmly in the leading position of the altar table.

 Currently, Omega‘s sales network in more than 130 countries worldwide. Brand sales target to successful people-oriented, with a clear image of Omega‘s almost exactly the same. Over the years, their outstanding achievements and contributions include: moon initiative (Speedmaster Professional Moon Watch is the only one), has a total of 21 times as Olympics designated time, the repeated accurate timekeeping records and won numerous design awards, etc. so many celebrity stars join Omega celebrity ambassadors family, Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman and famous Formula One racing driver Michael Schumacher are loyal supporters of Omega watches.

In China, the Omega is also a well known brand. Chinese to make the world proud of eminent persons, such as Simon Yam, Chi Chi, Richie, Coco Lee, Zhang, Ho-Pin Tung, also become Omega celebrity ambassadors, they brilliant image and Omega watches noble elegant complement each other, so many young people whom dumping. In fact, Omega not only known in China for young people, in the mature generation of Chinese people are also able to resonate, let them recall the good times past.
Back in 1895, Omega has forged Gordian edge with China. Shanghai Railway Administration was still clear under government administration in order to ensure on-time running of the train, with the precise needs of their employees watch. In the end, they chose the Omega. Since then, excellent quality Omega began widely circulated in China, award commendation. During this long more than a century, Omega‘s deep feelings for China has gone through several generations testimony.
Stroke, this year is the 110th anniversary of the Omega to enter the Chinese market. Experienced 110 years of vicissitudes, Omega brilliant achievements in China‘s immortal. September 21, 2004, the enthusiastic support of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square Omega launched the 2008 Olympics countdown clock” for its development in China writing a new page. Vice Mayor of Beijing, the Beijing Organizing Committee Liu Jingmin, executive vice chairman and president of Omega Stephen Urquhart, as well as hopes for the future the majority of people participated in the countdown clock” in the snow. Omega-profile support for this global sporting event, not only for the Olympic spirit respected, but also fully embodies its Sincere heart of China and the Chinese people.
Omega has a soft spot for the Chinese market. Today, Omega in mainland China and Hong Kong, Macao has opened about 231 special retail outlets, of which nearly 40 flagship stores and specialty shops specializing in, to provide customers with convenient and timely, quality and thoughtful after sales service. Omega antique watches for customers, no matter how long the ancient watches, Omega company also spared no effort to provide customers with service time Cangsang erase traces the history of the glorious moment again presented in front of the customer. Because eternal “excellent quality” is the pursuit of the highest Omega watches realm.

A hundred years of brand development in digital era sample: Rolex began posting


Last year, Rolex’s decision makers that the company to reform time.

But with mostreform” different, the company did not make deep restructuring, nor make snap to cut goods.

On the contrary, Rolex executives think, the company should now launched its first Facebook page. For a decades of careful maintenance of its reputation, only to fine tune its watches and marketing strategy of brands, it was taken a big step.

“Our intention is to attract people’s attention.” The brand dealers said, “we design the content, heavy weight, just say the words at the right time.”

Rolex partners agree. They said, Rolex has never been too hasty, it so late to start using social media is not because of their own making mistakes or momentary oversight. In contrast, Rolex’s silence is to accurately plan. The brand know, even if a start away from social media, it will not weaken its brand influence, will not lose its loyal fan base. It is hope that a comprehensive understanding of its case before the use of social media, including social marketing and user participation data.

In the past century, precision has been the guiding principle of Rolex, this includes watches from design to product marketing. Here say is how to be a miser with words in the social media era of the brand, to resist price to attract, and finally obtains the vigorous development of the story.

Print advertising: Rolex and its achievement

Since 1905, superior technology and innovation level standard information transfer is the Rolex watch and events they witness the milepost.

For example, in 1927, the British female swimming athletes Mercedes – Mercedes gleitze wire (Mercedes Gleitze) became the first British woman to swim the English channel. In the process of crossing the English channel, she wore a state-of-the-art Rolex oyster watch, is also the first waterproof watch.

After the Mercedes gleitze conquering the channel, Rolex in the British “Daily Mail” (Daily Mail) made the front page of advertisement, hype this feat and demonstrate its new watch. In the process of advocacy, Rolex introduced the concept of the so-called “witness”. Its advertising copy describes watch quality (waterproof), witness (Mercedes gleitze) personally witness: waterproof watch Rolex filed the claim is correct.

“In seawater immersion for more than 10 hours but still maintains the correct time.” The ad claims, “keep perfect time under any conditions, this process ultimately become a reality.”

The next ten years, Rolex once again appeared in a feat of have been recorded in history. In 1935, the British Racing Drivers Malcolm Campbell (Malcolm Campbell) in Utah’s Bonneville Salt Flats broke the world racing records. As a Rolex watch fans, wearing a Campbell in the record breaking car racing in the Rolex oyster watch.

Then out of the Rolex ads, to celebrate Campbell’s achievement, the racers appeared in his trademark blue bird car. On top of him stood a letter of re printed Campbell letter to praise Rolex:

“I’m wearing Rolex watches for a long time.” He said, “in the conditions of high speeds, it is also able to keep accurate time.”

In the ensuing decades, Rolex appeared in the event of great significance, such as mountain climbing, scuba diving and intercontinental flight.

In twentieth Century 50 years, Rolex began a major historical event in the commercial use of its watch participation.

For example, in 1953, Edmund – Hilary (Edmund Hillary) and Tenzing Norgay (Tenzing Norgay) has become one of the first to reach the top of Mount Qomolangma climber. In order to pay tribute to them, Rolex launched a commemorative watch Oyster Perpetual Explorer. (the two men wearing Rolex oyster watch during the climb).

Later, oceanographer Jacques – Picat (Jacques Piccard) and don Walsh (Don Walsh) wearing Rolex oyster watch dive to the world’s deepest Mariana Trench. In recognition of their feat, then Rolex launched the three Anniversary Edition watch: Submariner, Deep Sea Special and Sea-Dweller.

Television advertising in the Rolex: witness to history

In a recent television advertising, Rolex emphasizes its watch is a classic brand, is the historical witness, which became the core principles which tells the story of brand. Although the past valiant record often Rolex into the present marketing activities, but the company said they will not sell empty nostalgia.

“The real history of the brand is always walking on the wire between the future and the past on the.” It says, “the real history is not nostalgia.”

On the contrary, Rolex will be its watch positioning for the participants with a history, but not completely indifferent spectator.

The company’s advertising plan is a series win support among the people with this slogan advertising clips: “it not only tell you the time, but also tell your history.”

The watch manufacturers around the theme of making different kinds of advertising, including a single video highlights the achievements of professional athletes, such as tennis player Roger – Federer (Roger Federer) since 2006 he has been the face of Rolex, golf legend players